The Red Baron shooting Down UFOS – There’s No Way this Doesn’t Make a Brilliant Game Seed

An article on the Mirror website back from February reveals a brilliant game seed for Call of Cthulhu – the Red Baron was apparently out and about shooting down UFOs over the trenches. Dubious veracity aside, this is interesting stuff: He supposedly spotted an UFO that looked like an upside down silver saucer with orange […]

REVIEW: The King in Yellow as adapted by INJ Culbard

Robert Chambers’ The The King in Yellow contains two of my absolute favorite short stories of all time, certainly two of my favorite pieces of weird fiction of all time, and the book in it’s entirety is a beautiful piece of fin-de-siecle weirdness that has few real contemporaries. I have greatly enjoyed INJ Culbard’s Lovecraft […]

Avoiding Total Party Kill (TPK)

What is Total Party Kill? Total Party Kill is something you may have to contend to when you play Call of Cthulhu. One ill considered confrontation with one monster is sometimes enough to annihilate an entire adventuring party, especially one unprepared for a fire vampire. Total Party Kill is, of course, that vaunted goal of […]

The Perils of Long Campaigns

So I’ve been playing Eternal Lies, the long term so-called mega campaign from Pelgrane Press. We’ve actually been recording it, I’m not sure when or if it will be released, we’ve been plagued with recording and alcohol related play quality issues throughout. However, the main challenge that we’ve faced has not been an overabundance of […]

Sandy Petersen, Greg Stafford, and Chaosium

Well, Greg Stafford and Sandy Petersen return to Chaosium, pretty big news. If you’re like me, you may not have realized that the new edition of Call of Cthulhu 7th edition was in such dire shape, but apparently it is. Hopefully, this comes with a minimum of people losing their jobs and means more and […]