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Series of Nyarlahotep Drawings at

**All Links Contained Herein are NSFW**

Illustrator Micheal Bukowski has been producing a great series of Lovecraftian Monster art for I guess years now. I’ve been lucky enough to obtain one volume of his Illustro Obscurum in the past.

This blog always hits the spot when I’m looking for anatomically correct drawings of Lovecraftian monsters and grotesqueries.

His newest entry is a drawing of Nyarlahotep in the guise ofZupan. The text speaks of a collaboration with Molly Tanzer, which I imagine is still forthcoming, and is a pretty exciting prospect for me.

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#Cthulhu Kickstarter Round Up 4/28

Cthulhu’s Vault

A card game that starts cooperative, but ends with one corrupt player, a Mythos monster, and a desperate battle to save the world.

Kind of an interesting one. This has several things going for it… a modest goal, a somewhat original premise and a reasonable pedigree in being partially designed by Richard Launius, designer of Arkham Horror and Elder Sign.

Mark of the Old Ones: A Metroidvanian Adventure

Enjoined by an unfathomable deity, rediscover a derelict eldritch civilization, teeming with ghastly horrors and wondrous beauty.

Err…. “metroidvania” you say. I’m sure the affection they bring to bear for the genre is sincere, but Lovecraftian themed metroidvania seems like a lot of marketing built into the premise. Not a fan of platforming video games, but the weirdness of the implementation seems promising. This is, I believe, their second attempt at a Kickstarter.

The Eldritch Cases: Dagon – A Lovecraftian Horror Adventure

The Eldritch Cases: Dagon is a 3rd person horror point&click adventure based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. (Win/Mac/Linux)

I genuinely enjoyed playing through Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. I also really enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes/HP Lovecraft mashup The Awakened by Frogwares. So there is some precedent for me enjoying this game, but I do worry about the “Herbert West leading the Cult of Dagon” in the plot summary. Maybe I’m being too protective of the mythos or whatever, but I do feel like they are just mashing stuff together at this point.

Stay Away! A Contagious Horror Card Game for 6 – 11

A fast paced, cooperative, competitive card game for 4+ players inspired by Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. THE THING is closer than ever!

I can dig it. Appears to have about as much to do with Lovecraft as John Carpenter’s The Thing, but that’s good enough for me. Obviously I can’t speak to whether or not it is a good game but hey, The Thing is a good movie. I think it suffers from the same problem as the next game…

Elder Gods

Elder Gods A Lovecraftian card/board game hybrid for 2-6 players by Miskatonic Media

This could be a good game, but increasingly these Lovecraftian games begin to run together. Same buzzwords, same sounding names. The well is going to run dry at some point, guys. Now buy some Cthulhu themed Dice!


Bringing you the cutest little Cthulhu to ever hug you with insanity.

Well, I have to say these don’t look like something I’d personally buy, I have to prefer the sense of humor you find here more than the straight-faced shoehornings of Cthulhu into anything that will take him.

Monster Skin: A Full Cast Cinematic Audiobook

Monster Skin is a Lovecraftian, erotic, murder mystery about sexual freedom. We want to bring it to life as an immersive audiobook.

I have to admit, you had me at “Lovecraftian, erotic murder mystery about sexual freedom.”

Honorable Mention

The Edward Gorey Documentary Project

A feature length documentary about the late illustrator Edward Gorey shot with his encouragement from 1996 to his death in April, 2000.

There has to enough overlap between Lovecraft and Gorey fans that it’s worth mentioning this project, which I will definitely be backing. Also, Edward Gorey’s home is about ten minutes away from Cthulhu Dice world headquarters, so there is that.

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Let’s Talk About Call of Cthulhu

Let's Talk Call of Cthulhu RPG!

Yes! Let’s talk about it.

I happen to think that Call of Cthulhu is the greatest role playing game ever made.

It can be scary. Horrifying. There is palpable terror in the game, partially because it is so unforgiving. Dungeons and Dragons players, especially newer players, are likely to be horrified by how easily they die. But that serves to increase the tension of the game. You cannot run around getting into gun fights without massacring the party.

And even if you stay out of gunfights with gangsters or cultists, the ticking clock of your sanity spurs you to action. If you spend too much time messing around, your investigator will be a drooling moron.

My introduction to Role Playing Games was DnD 4th Edition. I played on and off for three years and I think we may have had one character death. Last summer, we played through Masks of Nyalarthotep. I think we had 15-20 character deaths easily. I was saving the character sheets for some sort of memorial at the end, but the stack got too unruly.

I guess what I’m saying is, reason one that I like COC is the stakes. ┬áIn my experience, if there aren’t sufficient stakes in an RPG, there just isn’t much fun to be had. At least an RPG that takes itself somewhat seriously.

And like all role playing games, you don’t need much to get started. Grab a copy of the Call of Cthulhu RPG rulebook on eBay on Amazon, some friends and some dice.

I might also recommend a beer? Shoot me an e-mail at or leave a comment below and tell me your best Call of Cthulhu story or ask your best Call of Cthulhu question.