Steampunk Dice Set

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The Steampunk dice set by Q Workshop is seven dice painted with attractive steampunk style designs. Includes 1 d4, 1 d6, 1 d8, 1 d10, 1 d12, 1 d20, and 1 d100. Perfect for Call of Cthulhu, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and any other game where dice are required. Available in 5 color schemes – black/white, white/black, yellow/black, beige/black, and brown/yellow.

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About the Steampunk Dice Set

Information from the manufacturer:

These cubes are a part of a mad scientist machinery, that was supposed to influence time fate of those, who use it. Unfortunately for the scientist, the matter of the machine warped in the process, leaving behind only those cubes with the machine carved in them. The machine still works in the dice, ensuring the paint doesn’t wear off and altering the fate of those who use it.

What is Steampunk?

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Steampunk is an asethetic movement inspired by Nineteenth Century Adventure Fiction, first and foremost Jules Verne, but also HG Wells and Arthur Conan Doyle. In the eighties and nineties, authors like Neal Stephenson and Bruce Sterling created cyberpunk fiction in Victorian settings – hence, “Steampunk.” Steampunk has tended to go hand in hand with the DIY or Maker movements, with which role playing games also go very well, in a chocolate – peanut butter fashion. Steampunk has gradually reached a more mainstream acceptance, but to many people will always be about a certain moment of passionate antiquarianism.

Steampunk-Themed Role Playing Games

First of all, there’s Cthulhu By Gaslightwhich although not strictly steampunk, tends to reflect the aesthetic of Steampunk.

There’s also Victoriana, from Cubicle 7.

There’s a game called Cogs, Cakes, & Swordsticks which I purchased a while ago but haven’t had a chance to investigate too thoroughly.

Please let us know if you have a favorite Steampunk role playing games.

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Black/White, White/Black, Yellow/Black, Beige/Black, Brown/Yellow