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Dracula Dossier Kickstarter

Dracula Dossier


Lots of coverage from around the web about the new kickstarter from Pelgrane Press, The Dracula Dossier. The Dracula Dossier kickstarter is a freeform campaign intended for the GUMSHOE powered Vampire/Spy game Night’s Black Agent.

I backed the kickstarter at the LAMPLIGHTER level, which gets me the all important hard copy of the game + prop documents.

I’m a bit worried about the challenge that the freeform campaign presents, both as a Director and as a player.

Check out the The Dracula Dossier on Kickstarter.

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The Deer God on Kickstarter

deer god

The Deer God is a new sidescrolling platformer making a bid on Kickstarter presently.I saw the title and immediately got my hopes up. It wasn’t quite what I expected. A little too much Dear God, not enough Horned God, I suppose. It does still like an interesting execution.

It does seem like this seems like it will appeal to a …certain crowd, but that doesn’t make it bad or anything like that.

The Deer God is a breathtaking 3d pixel art game that will challenge your religion and your platforming skills.

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Shadows of Arkham on Kickstarter

shadows of arkham


Shadows of  Arkham is  an interesting, Arkham Horror-esque game.  As I so often do, I wonder how many Lovecraftian games one can own? To me, a video game purchase is probably based mostly on the thematics of the game. I’m not interested in a game if it doesn’t create a cool story, a narrative. That’s why I generally prefer RPG to board games; the stuff I hate about board games is the stuff that makes it a board game… fifteen decks of cards, sheets of tokens.

That said, I enjoy a board game night every now and then, and judging by the video, there is a legitmate enthusiasm behind Shadows of Arkham. $25 is also not very much for a board game; it’s actually baffingly low, considering they are manufacturing in the United States.

Dark forces work behind the scenes to undermine the fabric of reality. One has the sense that if Arkham were to fall, it may spell the end of everything. But darkness has ways of being seen. The Ring of Shadows has been found, or maybe wanted to be found, at this critical hour. It’s up to the citizens of the Miskatonic Valley to work together to wield its awful power to stop the end before it begins.